Feng Shui and Sweater Sets

Feng Shui advises us to de-clutter, so vehemently, they even threaten disaster! Whole blogs and self-help books are devoted to this very notion: simplify these experts caution us. But I want to suggest a different approach. Before you haul everything out to Salvation Army think of those unused items as treasures to rediscover.


You can redefine yourself every day if you simply make use of everything in your wardrobe (and you’d make the feng shui professionals happy too). Start by resurrecting those tucked away items, like sweater sets. Still have a few stored somewhere, don’t you? (Maybe not from the 1950’s, unless you are a real hoarder, but sweater sets resurfaced in the 70’s, then again in the 90’s, and for good reason—an occasional matching ensemble  can create terrific contrast). With this in mind, I suggest you bring all your vintage, heirloom, or outdated clothing out of the moth balls!


My mother re-gifted me a silver cardigan and matching knit top at the end of the 90’s, and yesterday I searched through my closet to find the set. Those shimmering threads brought pizzazz to my ordinary day look while the brushed cotton underside felt comfy. I liked the boxy contrast of the knit with my painted-on legging-like skinny black jeans. Contrast is the goal, either with time periods or the color wheel or fabric choices. Feel your way through your whole closet and dare to mix it up! Instead of the traditional string of white pearls adorning the 1950’s sweater set, I wore seven twisted strands of brightly colored beads around my neck. Black ballet flats added another casual contrast to the formal matching tops.


You can find a treasure everyday if you continue to work through, all the way to the very back of your closet, and pair that find with something hanging closer to the front. I guess, if you come across something you just can’t fit into, or figure out why you ever bought it, then do pass it on; there are plenty of young gals scouring the thrift shops looking to create tomorrow’s fashion. In the meantime, style away, and be the artist you know you are…

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