No Dreary November for Me!

Today I just knew I needed color… started with my every-day turquoise diamond shaped ring and my funky blue-glass earring. After tearing through my closet I decided on a pumpkin orange skirt pulled out of my give-a-way pile a few weeks ago. It ended up in my give-a-way pile because it has hung in my closet for the past few years since marnika left it behind…she probably got it second-hand herself during the lean MICA years; it even has paint spattered here and there. Clearly, the best part is the fit: curvy. Plus this knit pencil skirt falls a few inches above my knee.

Purple tights. Vibrantly wondrous. Just imagine richred and bright blue equally matched into this blended color filled with life and you just might catch the right hue. I don’t have enough footwear to choose from right now, but my vintage black boots, resoled once already last winter and in need again, mid-calf, still do the trick.

On top I wore my grandmother’s boxy floral wool sweater from the early 1960โ€™s. This is no pastel cover. Brilliant yellow and red flowers, full green leaves, and yes orange mixed in too. Happy red buttons straight down the front the size of quarters. Under, a waffle-weave purple knit shirt, with the most subtle art nouveau design, swirling vine-like lines connecting bubbles in the lightest salmon. All day long the soft cotton of the waffle shirt made me feel like I was home with a glass of chardonnay safely reclining on my round couch.

On the first day of snow, this was a welcome comfort!

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