Lipstick +

A friend of mine gave me a sweet compliment when she remarked, you always look put together, and then said something like, if you were to give 6 pointers to help a woman pull her look together, what would they be? The question was framed with, you know, you’re dashing around with children, doing errands, just home from work: how can you look put together then?

As soon as she asked I pictured the most glamorous woman of my youth: my mother. I thought back to my mother’s house IMG_1372and the downstairs half bath with small glass shelves in a gilded wall unit lined with lipsticks. In her selection there was always a bold shade. Always an orange red. Always on hand before she dashed after one of her six.

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running with a coach

I have been IMG_4769running for decades, although the task has never been particularly easy nor have I been very fast, so I thought it time to learn about this sport I hope to continue for yet another decade. With this in mind, last April, on Fool’s Day, I began a ten week running clinic. I really didn’t know what to expect other than what was offered in the short blurb in our weekly paper: meet every Wednesday evening, 2 hour running time coupled with short lectures, gather at the town recreational path, and most importantly, all levels are welcome. After 5 weeks, I’m thrilled I signed up for what I have gained in such a short time is far more than I could have anticipated. Our very first class, shockingly, still met in frigid weather, 26 degrees on the thermometer. Ten women arrived, bundled in hats and gloves, and wearing multiple layers. Our coach arrived in a full down-parker. But what he told us on that night was to first and foremost keep running fun, and his weekly message has kept that theme at its very core. Then we learned how to run hills because this is Vermont after all.

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ordinary is extraordinary

Fresh eyes are what we all need from time to time, and this week, hosting my dear teacher-friend from Geneva (while her 19 students are all being hosted by my student’s families), we FullSizeRender-1discovered much anew in our daily routine, stuff we don’t even give a second thought to, as, well, something now worth renewed admiration. Take rural mailboxes for example. The string of boxes mounted on a long board about a 1/4 mile down my road represents just how far the mail carrier will come to deliver. This simple fact elicited quite a discussion, even an excursion for photos, and a flurry of excitement afterwards: yes, adventure in the ordinary. Same with the covered bridges that span many of our small waterways here in Vermont. I stop the car and we step out to hear the rush of a high spring river, a chorus of curious crows, and the banter of sweet chickadees, all while investigating the ordinary bridge that we often cross without a thought. But oh my, what a beauty!

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Nature Restores

Sometimes you just need to get away, float into the mist, and let yourself rediscover exactly why you are here, today, on this swirling planet. #Blessed. #Grateful. I had time enough to rest, restore, and rejuvenate in this magical place.


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Spring Dressing


Looking for a quick and tasty dressing for your spring salad? The following recipe is guaranteed to satisfy anyone wanting to top those delicate greens showing up in our grocery stores. Right now I can’t get enough of parsley, sunflower and pea shoots, young spinach and early strawberries on my plate. Along with this fabulous dressing, composed of honey, lemon and flax seed oil, you will have created something sensational!

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