When Darkness Steals a Place at the Table

I must admit, lately I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself… I know, a blogger needs to uplift and transport her readers to a better place, and not, as this post seems to be headed, into a place of self-pity. But, quite frankly, I am rather out of sorts… My life has brought me to a place where I am questioning WHY ME? much of the time… You must know that place, where you look up from your dinner and see that the table is peopled with some pretty sour faces… Maybe even a few uninvited hooded guests… ? I know you must have had a string of evenings like this somewhere in your life… After all, our world is filled with people struggling with all sorts of issues, from homelessness, unemployment, terminal illness, and ________, yes fill in the blank with whatever woe is currently hounding you.

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