3rd Anniversary

flowersphotoI love markers. Highway markers. Trail markers. Indicators which gauge how far we have come. Milestones worth a nod of accomplishment, a moment of recognition, and certainly a toast with bubbly. Anniversaries are markers; so this, my 3rd Anniversary as Nine Cent Girl, is certainly worth reflection and celebration!

One of my favorite rituals on a birthday is to ask those gathered to share their favorite birthday memory. The stories are as varied as those gathered. On an Anniversary I love to ask a couple how they met. Those first precious dates imprint their unique story. Writers too have worthy beginnings, for some these originate in childhood, but the early twinkling of Nine Cent Girl began during a hot summer while I was in my twenties. 

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Reflection feeds Enterprise

Time and time again I am reminded of the value of reflection. In fact, many of my posts have been just that actually: my reflections, my questions, my searches. Thankfully, over this past year, you readers have followed my querying with enthusiasm. Daily I am buoyed by the comments left by so many!

Data too is often part of reflection, and as WordPress has sent this analysis along, I read through to discover my most popular posts (although many of my favorites didn’t make the list), my most steady commenters  (thanks to all, named and unnamed, for your support), and my most trusted search avenues (hurray for fans!): I see the ways Nine Cent Girl connects in this digital sphere.

I offer the following report in celebration of my 2012 blog posts with the hope to continue the same energy and enterprise straight through 2013! Wish me luck… and thanks for tagging along!

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