Lipstick +

A friend of mine gave me a sweet compliment when she remarked, you always look put together, and then said something like, if you were to give 6 pointers to help a woman pull her look together, what would they be? The question was framed with, you know, you’re dashing around with children, doing errands, just home from work: how can you look put together then?

As soon as she asked I pictured the most glamorous woman of my youth: my mother. I thought back to my mother’s house IMG_1372and the downstairs half bath with small glass shelves in a gilded wall unit lined with lipsticks. In her selection there was always a bold shade. Always an orange red. Always on hand before she dashed after one of her six.

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Comfort: Part 2

February is here!! Yes, extra minutes of daylight are adding up and brilliant sunshine fills our afternoons despite the winter tunnel still ahead. Today there is larger glimpse of blue skies, and the promise of Spring is within sight! Naturally, my mind turns to skin care. Not one to profess a rigid regime, I will suggest a few products to bring comfort to your senses, from their smell to their feel… pure comfort! In reviewing most of the products in my bathroom cabinet I find there are three companies that have seen me through the decades. No matter your skin type, your aversion to animal testing or the controversial usage of propylene glycol, I guarantee you will love these products and they will make you feel beautiful! Curious? Read on…

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