Spring Cleaning

From my lofty vantage out the third floor window, I see broken twigs and browned leaves, nature’s debris, being blown across my yard. All the while sheets of rain soak and puddle about, making the remaining patches of crusty old snow disappear once and for all. If I don’t turn in immediate despair over this continually gray sky, I might glimpse the green tops of daffodil shoots pushing through along the back border or peering into the garden beds I can spy a dash of white crocus blossoms (yes, this is the far north!). All about us nature is ready to burst anew, while the heavens provide an unwavering cleanse of all that winter left behind. As I face the window panes pelted by this windy April rain shower, I realize this horrid weather is the perfect metaphor for what our bodies need too. Cleansing out the body’s toxins and stresses of the past dark months leads to improved mood and energy levels as well as aiding your digestion and strengthening your resistance. A detox diet is easy to do if you follow sage advice (Warning: avoid over-the-counter detox fad diets that actually do more harm than good!).