A Date to Remember: December 14th

Remember where you were on December 14th 2012?  Recall the grief you felt hearing that Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown Connecticut had been violently targeted by a single shooter? I can. The emotion is as overpowering and unwanted as a raging arson fire. Within seconds after the shooting we were flooded through every possible media with heartbreaking images, leaving us all to retreat into a place beyond words. December 14th is not a day we want to remember, but I will, for not only were innocent children and their brave educators gunned down that day, but something in all of us shattered.

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        Two things happened last week that started me thinking about luck. First, I drove past a house that had an upside-down horse-shoe nailed over the door, with all their luck pouring out; in horror I wondered, did they know what they were doing, or worse, not care? Second, I read an intriguing interview with David Lindsay-Abaire on his new Broadway play “Good People,”           Continue reading