Backyard Blooms

doorphotoRight out my front door the brilliance of the azalea causes me to pause, take a deep breath, observe their magnificence, and then, slowly, move into the day’s demands. For Spring is fleeting bursts of brilliant blooms that blossom for oh such a short time and then blow about in the blustery breeze vanishing before your eyes.

No matter your geography, I hope you can smell the sweet sweetness in your backyard, park, or neighborhood…From the low lying tiny blooms to the grandiose flowering trees, Spring delight is everywhere you find yourself.

I encourage you to take in the delicacy of the bloom, the aroma of the spray, and the blush of the plants photographed from my backyard and revel in this ephemeral season for a brisk moment.

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Inspired by Nature

Spring comes with a welcome abundance for those of us who endured a long white winter… I find myself this May craving time outdoors, feeling the gentle spring sunshine, and taking in the copious colors and fragrances. On Saturday I drank my morning tea on the back deck taking in all the majesty and all that new green took my breath away! The field beyond my house danced with butterflies and happy dandelions; as I watched them fluttering about I thought about how in nature there is nothing wasted, nothing for naught, all is reused and renewed. This concept inspired my next fashion shoot while the orange on the butterfly wings, the salmon tulips in my garden, and the coral of the buds, all became part of my color palette.

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Be the Spring

 While the 5 1/2 months of snow drift finally melts from the yard, the faintest green of crocus is breaking through the brown of our garden beds. With this hint of spring I am drawn to search into the back of my closet to undo the restraints of my utilitarian winter garb. I take inspiration from the 1920’s mavericks who yearned for freedom, striped off their Victorian corsets along with the limitations set upon women of their day: they marched for their voice–for the vote–for all we have today in terms of female liberty and their unconfined dress screamed autonomy. As I await the buds and color just around the corner, I break out a bit myself, choosing a flowing vintage silk shift to wear while wandering about the awakening trees in the morning light.