Yes, Shaken, not Stirred

drinkphotoFrom the pages of Ian Fleming’s classic James Bond straight to your celebration, these three words are worth following to master the perfect martini: shaken, not stirred. Oh, and make sure it’s a vodka martini too for that smooth iconic perfection… And may I suggest a black shimmering dress for you and a tailored tux for your date?

Well Casino Royal aside, nothing feels quite as festive as the following two simple martini recipes: one dirty and the other (well some might call it girly but the fellows like them equally well) has a splash of fruit syrup. It’s all about taste you know. Follow either religiously and I can guarantee an easy transition right into 2013!

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Keep the Glass Half-full

I am not a strict locavore, I mean, I don’t mind the taste of Jamaica in my Rum or the Rhine in my Riesling, but increasingly I am drawn to praise the local distilleries and vineyards rising up around me, and for good reason. In fact, without leaving the small state of Vermont one can find plenty of unique elixirs to stock their liquor cupboard or wine cellar. I will feature only three in this post, but I am certain one might just as well highlight countless others, for as these family-owned ventures are springing up they are earning high marks in the process. I know my finds will encourage you to explore your own local area.

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