Lipstick +

A friend of mine gave me a sweet compliment when she remarked, you always look put together, and then said something like, if you were to give 6 pointers to help a woman pull her look together, what would they be? The question was framed with, you know, you’re dashing around with children, doing errands, just home from work: how can you look put together then?

As soon as she asked I pictured the most glamorous woman of my youth: my mother. I thought back to my mother’s house IMG_1372and the downstairs half bath with small glass shelves in a gilded wall unit lined with lipsticks. In her selection there was always a bold shade. Always an orange red. Always on hand before she dashed after one of her six.

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By the people, for the people

Going a wee bit crazy finding the right gift for a hard-to-shop-for-person on your list? Driving from box store to 4photoshopping mall in a blur seeing the same gift all over town? Yes, that was me… But no more, for I am leaving those mass market gifts to the masses, and instead supporting artists and their small cottage industries by buying a handcrafted gift. This decision is not just because I live in Vermont, a haven for the imaginative, for no matter where you live these crafty folks can be found, besides now-a-days they are all online! Here are two perfect examples, one an east coaster, the other on the west, yet both as close as your keyboard.

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