O joy!

Although there is little evidence in the still bare trees and brown fields, life is indeed returning. One can sense it in the morning light, longer afternoons, and the warmth of the sunshine; best yet, birds have returned north to fill our gardens with their music. Seemingly slow coming, but small signs appear each day and I am soaking it all in. O joy! Happy Spring to All!!

A Year in Review: My Photo Story

Notice how everyone is populating their news feeds with Year in Review Best Moments? All those Instagram and Statigram slideshows caused me to reflect on my own photo shoots over this past year. Looking back, I can only admit, I certainly had fun! Seriously, dress-up is the best, right? So, as my final salute to the fading year, I offer you highlights from my seasonally inspired fashion in this year end post.

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Witching Time

Every year as Halloween approaches, our maples drop their leaves, the marigolds turn to seed, and the landscape changes from brilliance to black and white. Like clockwork a northern wind races across our bare fields and one can hear it howling through the cracks. While observing all this external starkness we move indoors and begin to question our mortality.


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