Juice It

Is there anything better than the taste and smell of citrus on a cold February morning? One slice in and my whole kitchen is instantly filled with a blend of sweet and sour, melding into a zesty combination that is pure sunshine. I have been fortunate for much of my adult life to have fresh-squeezed at the start of my day. Certainly this is a privileged luxury in my northeast corner in winter. For the last decade of my mother’s life, one of her first tasks when she arrived in Jupiter, Florida, each January, was to order a big box of honey-bell oranges and ruby-red grapefruits straight from the fruit grove to be mailed to us. Despite the constant snowy vista beyond our window, this liquid gold is the certain elixir that keeps us believing that Spring will come, eventually.

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Orange Juice

The drinking of orange juice is hardly news, but that won’t stop me from putting my nine cents into the conversation. I mean, as far back as 1971, when John Walton brought oranges home for Christmas in that memorable pilot, we have all witnessed the magic of this fruit, right? But seriously, that depression era TV show highlights my very point: everyone needs a delicious dose of fresh citrus in the winter. As in NEEDS!