Don’t Should Me!

Enough already! On both my morning commute and my afternoon drive home, the radio DJ’s were blasting out a litany of stats on failed juicephotoresolutions! Already!?! Seriously!?! Isn’t this still the first week in January? Yes, I turned them right off…but it got me thinking.  Who says you need to start that page-a-day writing regime on January 1st or it will never happen? Who says you need to start a kale-juice fast on January 1st or never? Or make working out at the gym part of your afternoon ritual or never? Personally, with so much pressure I can’t think of a worse week to begin anything! Besides, I’m still exhausted from the frolicking fun of the last few weeks! Office parties and family gatherings, meal times that spilled right into the next meal time, or those marvelous martinis; Yes, those… True there were some sauntering mid-day walks and one night of dancing with a tiara and silk heels but mostly long late nights and up early mornings with a ton of holiday business in-between, so exhausted.

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