transcendentalist? today, maybe

IMG_3513I wish to speak a word for Nature, for absolute freedom and wildness, as contrasted with a freedom and culture merely civil–to regard man as an inhabitant, or a part and parcel of Nature, rather than a member of society. I wish to make an extreme statement, if so I may make an emphatic one, for there are enough champions of civilization: the minister and the school committee and every one of you will take care of that (“Walking” Henry David Thoreau).

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Touching Heaven

On Top of the World! On the highest peak in Vermont, Mt. Mansfield, one can see New York to the west, north is Canada, to the east New Hampshire, and on the clearest days you can spy Massachusetts. We took in the spectacular views after our windy climb up! 1 Continue reading

Lingering in the Hood

panaramaMy neighborhood is not unusual across the state of Vermont, but then again, there is little that is usual about Vermont. Prospering family farms, plenty of open sky, clean running water and sweet crisp air… idyllic. Here most people get out and about, take advantage of all that Vermont offers, every month of the year and March is no exception. There is still snow around to ski or ride or play in. Ice covers our lakes and ponds allowing ice fishing. And, on a lucky days, there is the brilliant blue that pauses you to look up and smile, content that you are exactly where you are…

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