ribbonDecember 1st is World AIDS Day, and as I reflected back through the last decades, I thought, how far we have come. “AIDS has killed nearly 39 million people since it was first discovered, but new statistics show we are finally at the “tipping point” of the disease, with more people getting access to life-saving treatment than those who are newly contracting the disease. This progress has been called “the beginning of the end of AIDS” and it is critical that we continue the momentum so we can finally end the AIDS pandemic” (CNBC).

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Laughter: Universal. Body and Mind. Restorative. Miraculous.

Laughter is easy to find when our children or simply ingenuous people are around us. Yet too often we skip through days on end without even a chuckle, while busy making plans for next time or some other time in which to let loose and have fun. This week I decided to stop right in the here and now and research the benefits of laughter because something that feels as good and as wonderful as a big belly guffaw, well, must have some spectacular effects, right? Here is what I discovered…

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