Say Gay. Praise Science. Condemn War. Carry on.

Oh my what a week. Not that I’m surprised. I mean, 2022 has been a ton of crazy from the get go. And now, when we look at the hubbub in the south, we wonder, what has Florida done now? A state notable for its high poverty rate, disastrous infrastructure, and abysmal salaries for teachers and all those we praised as essential workers just 24 months ago. Snowbirds flock there on their measly social security or atrocious pensions to eke out their last days with some sunshine and air conditioning just to avoid income tax, (no blame at all– you have all my best hopes for better days and sunsets). Of course I can’t discredit the extraordinary Florida juicy oranges which fuel my soul during the coldest of months AND the most aquamarine ocean this side of the Mediterranean. But politics? Nope. DeSantis is rude, wrong, and just too arrogant for me, from how he talks to teens to what he says about them. Can you disagree? Eye to eye, can you really?

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Breakfast of Champions

Even on the busiest of mornings, I make time for breakfast. Sometimes while standing, while multi-tasking through rushed pre-work tasks, but eaten all the same. And not because it’s proven to be the most important meal of the day, or any such trendy sense, I just love all the options of breakfast.


What better start than citrus? The dreary winter is elevated greatly when Florida Sunshine arrives on your doorstep fresh from the growers or grabbed from your supermarket bins, it matters not. Just smell the sweet burst of flavor and savor every juicy bite. Of course, although distant cousins to their summer relatives, we are grateful for the berries available in February, and chop those up for the breakfast muesli.


A quick bowl of granola, with a splash of our homemade almond milk makes a delicious start for my Monday–Friday work-day. Make it yourself, or buy local. While EVERY town has a great granola maker, Nutty Steph’s is certainly the best for us.


But then, oh then, a Saturday and then a blessed Sunday rolls along and yes, then, we take the time to pull out the pots and pans and make an event out of this first meal of the day. Whatever you do, where ever you live, find honest to god, real farm-fresh eggs, like from a coop that has a few chickens pecking around the dirt; crack open one of those and you will never again return to a store-bought egg without a struggle. Fortunately, we have loads of choices here in rural Vermont. We can even get a dozen for $3.00 from the guy across the road. But our all time favorite, with the brightest orange yoke, are Axel’s Eggs. Just wow.


While 2 of those are dropped into boiling water for 3 minutes the toast goes down. Yes, we also have a plethora of extraordinary bakers here in Vermont, but are most fond of Elmore Mountain Bread. Gluten be damned when it comes to eating a thick slice of this wood-fired stone-ground joy on a weekend brunch. Spread real butter and local raw honey liberally, of course. Why not make this meal celebratory?


Can you start the day without a proper cup of tea? Jeez, I hope not. A five minute steep of Fortnum & Mason’s Royal Blend will be sublime, but a dark cuppa of Barry’s Gold Blend isn’t bad either. Regardless, don’t drink tea out of bag unless the world is near its end and you are desperate. A splash of organic whole milk is yet another worthwhile weekend treat.


Get your timing down and all is ready to be plated together to be savored while conversing with your favorite consorts. Leisurely.


Slow down. Chew. Sip. Share all your best dreams. You’ve got the whole day ahead of you, and a full belly. What can’t you do?


Care Package

The twinge of fever hit mid-day, but it wasn’t until supper that I found myself unable to get warm. Banished to a guest room my first night into the underworld of the flu was a long and lonely one. However, as this is 2011, and our smart phones connect us through Facebook and Twitter and Email, my mother, a mere 1500 miles away, heard I was ill and called the following morning to get the story firsthand. As I was unable to talk, my mother quickly resorted to email, and shortly informed me a care package would be overnighted that very afternoon.