Happy Holidays!

My mother loved family and friends and all things party. She also knew how to love deeply and generously give both her time and her being, so at Christmas she was our sparkling star, our guiding light, the happiest person in any situation. In my home, we are so glad that she still watches over us all.

As my mother would wish, may you be merry and bright and feel all the joy and goodness possible this holiday season!

Catch the Drop

Chasing the setting sun is my favorite while flying east to west, extending the day all the way until the only light left is the glittery criss-crossing boulevards of Los Angeles below, stretching in all directions as far as you can see. This flight was due to a new guy in town.

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Good News Movement

Here we are folks, surrounded by increased fear and corporate greed and fresh lies and more scary diseases. Just about every sound bite or headline is enough to send even the most even-keeled among us into a full-on never to recover panic attack. But, and this is a major but, there is plenty of good news sparking up every neighborhood cul-de-sac and throughout your day to day which is worth focusing on, if we only dare to let it, don’t you think? Like, just reflect back, even today, you probably had several wonderful encounters with actual humans worth celebrating, right? Tonight I’ll share a few pleasantries from my week rather than fixate on the latest lunacy being reported by our brave and brilliant reporters. What do you say? You with me? Ready to join a movement of good news?

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