Before 2018 fades into the dust, I decided to trip back through Nine Cent Girl to rediscover what a fabulous year it truly was for me. Travel loomed large this past year, as did love with the family and outdoors, and having fun with fashion. Yes to questioning life. I still lend advice on just about everything in post after post, perhaps rather lavishly, but in all honesty, I do so for myself as well as all of you. I wrote this retrospective post for those of you who may have missed a weekly entry or two last year, or, just in case you’d like to revisit. Ready? Let’s do this wearing a splashy pink wig, and glasses that reflect the world back right back to you, as I wore for: “A Light Exists in Spring.”

bold pink lipstick and wig on model

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Summer, lingering still

As Labor Day approaches Summer joys seem to be evaporating like dawn mist does at daybreak: all that wonderful stuff receding into memory. But before we venture too far into September I want to linger, splash in the still-warm lake water, cut open one last watermelon, savor the ripening tomatoes, let laughter with special friends ring loudly across the valley until nothing but stars appear overhead, and feel some Summer, lingering still.

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