August is the month to find shade, preferably by water, and let your eyes drift over the shoreline… You know, do glassnothing but give yourself a break from the phone, laptop and iPad, from your To-do-List or job demands or your next DIY project… And yes, shelve that self-help book too. This precious month chillax with no plan at all for a day, a week, perhaps if you’re lucky, the whole month!

Following this well-needed advice we took one day off the calendar to visit a favorite state park where at most we swim once between buoys and walk a bit in the sand. Arriving late afternoon when most are packing up we bring a Dinner Picnic. This timing might seem odd, but at day’s end beaches are so quiet you can hear the lapping water and watch the timid ducks…Extend your stay until early evening and you will have a glorious sunset all your own!

In the spirit of chillazin’ I offer no more words… Instead photos to inspire you to find cool water and slanting sunshine and time to allow your own relaxed smile to return… Nothing else… Nine Cent Girl is taking a vacation!!!

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July=Dinner Picnic

Lake, ocean or river, no matter, with the heat and humidity of July beating down in oppressive waves, water is the only salvation! My best childhood memories involve family and sand and food and water while the fiery orb finally settles down into the east coast horizon. My mother planned our late-day excursions around a dinner picnic, mostly to include my father, who worked through July at the hospital, but also because we are a fair-skinned bunch and crisp-up pretty easily.
State parks with public beaches basically empty out by 5:00, yet remain open to dusk, which in July means until almost 9:00. But by late afternoon most beach-goes pack up their picnic baskets and portable radios, their water toys and sandy tots, and head back into the still heat of summer evenings. But not us. With 80% of the other folks gone we had miles of beach to ourselves and we splashed and surfed about in the waves like we owned the place before wrapping up in towels and opening the basket of sandwiches. While eating we watched the last golden rays shoot across the blue horizon. Even today I am surprised over how few people do this.