“Savage Beauty” once again


Oh my! I’ve been out straight this week, with work, and life, and all the madness we march to on this crazy planet. But as I sit relaxing for a moment in front of a welcome fire, I realize, suddenly, it’s Thursday and time to post a blog; so, I scroll back through the years to discover an oldie but hopefully goody for you all tonight. Originally titled, “Savage Beauty” and posted in March of 2012, you will find a winning recipe of Irish Soda bread to bake for your St. Patrick’s celebration next week. Enjoy my lovelies. I promise to have some ‘new words’ next time!

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The Joy of Cooking… Cookies!

One week from tonight our house, and possibly yours, will be filled with loved family and friends. Best prep? Start baking! As true as these recipes were 4 years ago, they will prove equal to this year’s holiday crew. Make them with love and you will all be very merry indeed! With love, from my kitchen to yours, happy eating! xxoo

Nine Cent Girl

The Joy of Cooking is the hands-down best all-time cookbook to look through for all your traditional Holiday cookie recipes. Since it’s general publication in the 1930’s serious chefs, along side of everyday housewives, have all relied on its advice. Since the first edition, there have been several incarnations of this cookbook, but the following quoted advice and cookie recipes come from the 1975 publication.

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ordinary is extraordinary

Fresh eyes are what we all need from time to time, and this week, hosting my dear teacher-friend from Geneva (while her 19 students are all being hosted by my student’s families), we FullSizeRender-1discovered much anew in our daily routine, stuff we don’t even give a second thought to, as, well, something now worth renewed admiration. Take rural mailboxes for example. The string of boxes mounted on a long board about a 1/4 mile down my road represents just how far the mail carrier will come to deliver. This simple fact elicited quite a discussion, even an excursion for photos, and a flurry of excitement afterwards: yes, adventure in the ordinary. Same with the covered bridges that span many of our small waterways here in Vermont. I stop the car and we step out to hear the rush of a high spring river, a chorus of curious crows, and the banter of sweet chickadees, all while investigating the ordinary bridge that we often cross without a thought. But oh my, what a beauty!

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