fly away

There are some sights from 40,000 that you never forget, even years later, and any trip that takes you over the Alps is certainly one of them, right? Add to that a memory of cruising down the snowy slopes on one of those tiny red sleds from the top of Chateau d’Oex, and you can certainly imagine heaven. Whenever I pull this vision out I am certain to break into an easy smile. Guaranteed.

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I ❤️ Italia

There is nothing about Italia I do not love. I know I sound like a blushing bride, all floaty and superficial, but as we traversed quickly from one region to the next, I was made drunk on the beauty, the language, the history, and certainly the food. Yes, in love, indeed.

Most, I am certain, have seen these sights before, if not with your own eyes then in photos, so there is little use of me writing another travelogue; but I do hope you come along with me all the same. This trip, two years in the making, finally underway, took a team, all smiles, from the moment we touched down until… well we’re still smiling.

A view of Venice from the waterways

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