When we set up house this last time, we were very deliberate about creating spaces that made us happy. Obviously we had no idea that home would become synonymous with safety in 2020. Or that home would become her workplace. Or that home would be our yoga space. Or that home would also be my classroom. In fact, home became our everything last March, and a year later, it still is. Little did we know as we rearranged furniture, bringing a table closer to the windows, moving a comfy chair closer to the fire, clearing space for a proper pantry, setting up a painting studio, just how important these spaces would be, or how each object, from lamp to mirror to photo would be called on to evoke bright and warm and much-needed positive emotion. Yet, as I pass through my days, moving from room to room I am swept along in delightful memories and leave each with an easier smile. I have become, although somewhat reluctantly, a contented homebody padding around in slippers and living in a sanctuary.

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Life List

Decided to reblog tonight, because right now two things are sustaining me, memories and dreams, and this post hits both. Interesting to note, one of the first goals on my previous Life List was completed not too long after I published this originally. I did experience a sensational sunset gondola ride along the canals of Venice, sublime and otherworldly for sure! I can also add to my updated Life List several memorial dives into the uniquely turquoise Mediterranean Sea, swimming out as far as I dared as well an afternoon in Cezanne’s Aix-de-Provence art studio and a few nights wandering in the summer heat of Nice. Add to this list a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon from the absolute edge, a warm and insanely satisfying beignet from the Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, the intoxicating Freddie Cole’s jazzy piano at Birdland, the Broadway extravaganza of Moulin Rouge, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral during Christmas week and watching a whole school of dolphins swim in our wake during a Pacific sunset. These memories will feed me until, yeah until we can wander freely once again. India is calling me, so is Spain and Russia and Morocco for the food and culture and sky, and Cali of course to hold those I cherish residing there. We, who have magical Memories and daring Dreams are the lucky ones.

Nine Cent Girl

I’ve been to Tokyo. London. Paris. New York. Miami. But still, I want a gondolier to inform me about the ancient waterways of Venice as we float along the Grand Canal and attempt to navigate the bustle of Delhi in a rickshaw, party until dawn taking in the nightlife of Rio de Janeiro and reveling in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I want to see my reflection in the Taj Mahal fountain, watch the grand Everest peak peek out of the clouds and the northern-lights light-up Iceland, and explore everywhere possible in northern Italy. Yes, there are plenty of places to sail, fly, drive, pedal or walk to, and all those comprise my life list.


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Dear Joe,

As we are coming up on Valentine’s Day, I thought it high time I reach out and let you know how much I adore and love you Joe. Of course, I’m no home-wrecker, so let’s be clear, my love is strictly platonic. Besides I respect your Dr. Jill too much to turn your head. Undeniably, ever since you stood on the main stage and then stepped into the Oval office, I’ve been swooning. It’s more than your aviators or the way you roll up your sleeves with that cool let’s-get-to-work-attitude, but neither of those styling choices hurt. Who doesn’t love a man that knows how to get the job done and looks like a badass doing it? Oh Joe, Americans are so ready for someone smart and skilled and reliably ready to clean up the mess after four years of that incendiary would-be-King who lost the election yet lead a mob of ignorant and deceived to desecrate our Democracy and declare him Emperor. But to hell with that failed insurrection, just come on into our day to day and do your reuniting thing. Welcome you beautiful dish, President Joe Biden.

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