Kapha Is Upon Us

The cold dry white winter is shifting into a still cool but rainier second part of winter, known in Ayureda, as Kapha. Feeling sluggish? Your mind racing with thought? Unable to motivate? Maybe even a bit down in the dumps? Then you know the downside of Kapha. But there is a simple solution: get outside!


Wise wisdom tells us that at moments like this, one season leaving, one not here yet, we feel a bit trapped inside, mentally and physically, and need to propel ourselves a bit harder. Make the effort to plan something fun. A holiday? Even for a day?

We did just that, complete with picnic basket packed into the back seat of the car, and off we went to a favorite spot. One that brings tranquility, and the rush from all that water. One where we can walk on the soft ground, see the ice and snow melting, and the rise of a new spring.

Texas Falls CollageOf course it is never easy to make the time, but right now, during this season most of all, creating a space for contemplation will bring much reward. We made sure to put our phones and cameras down, and sit quietly, if only for a second, to hear the forest birds despite the din of the river, to feel the warmth of the late-March sun, and to breathe in the gentle crisp air. Here your spirit will rejuvenate. Here your body will revive.

meCollageThere is no better time than today to let go of your winter sorrows, to plan a spring excursion, and dream a sweet summer dream to move you forward with joy. Do let me know where you end up! In the meantime, let this river revive you too!!

Photo Cred once again to my darling who is willing to go where I go, camera ready: Mj

10 thoughts on “Kapha Is Upon Us

  1. Even though that you were all wrapped up.., I can see the new green in the bush/forest! Happy spring time to you! In Sydney, where I live, autumn has just arrived…

    Vivienne X


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