Forest Fairy

When was the last time you wandered off into a forest? I don’t mean a path through a wooded area of your neighborhood park, but a real, honest, forest romp, where the old growth trees touch the bottom of the passing clouds and the ferns cluster down below in earnest abundance. I had such a lovely walk last weekend, with family and friends and a loved pooch, and despite our chatter we surprised a fairy, as she sat upon her leafy throne. No, not a metaphor, a real fairy, on a real fern throne, who, in her surprise, flew in plain view, eyed us cautiously, and then fluttered with her translucent white wings to the treetops, eventually hidden from our sight. Yes, a forest fairy, who clearly crossed our paths for one magical moment, and helped us remember just how lucky we are, to be breathing this vibrant clear air, to be treading this soft earth, and to be cocooned together in such love. All in that split second, our fairy shot right through our city cynicism and acted as a gentle reminder of all that is spectacular in life’s adventures.

Now, before you think me mad or just some delusional fairy chaser… let me assure you this forest is on this planet, right in my town and has most definitely seen humans before. We found evidence of an old sugar shack, and even though the old tools were fading into forest fodder, fading into abstract art pieces, the place is as real as you or I.

Every few feet we were stopped by something, a shaft of sunlight filtering down into a stream, or a cluster of yellow buttercups dancing about in the breeze, or a tree half-toppled  by a wind storm yet still standing sentry to our wanderings. Hard to walk even a few steps without taking a picture or just wanting to linger there a bit longer: A magical forest indeed!

So, where is our fairy? Perhaps she fluttered only slightly above as we meandered over leafy paths all afternoon, or perhaps she watched as we stood in awe over fauna and flower, not sure, but as we all walked out into the field covered in yellow flowers and busy bees where the sheep were grazing and caught sight of the magnificent Mount Mansfield, we sensed her magic came with us as we faced the wide brilliant blue sky once again. Yes, we all agreed, she will always be in our hearts.

## Fairy credit goes to our youngest son, who spotted her first, and who just embarked on his own spectacular adventure!

## Photo credit to our daughter, marnika weiss, who managed to capture all that forest beauty with her true artist’s eye!

12 thoughts on “Forest Fairy

  1. I heard several of you talking about the fairy but never followed it up…never asked questions……didn’t……..Now,I realize,it was a precise,magical moment,arranged as a gift to all of you,very special dear people……….how wonderful…….how full of wonder……..only for all of you…..I am in awe!!!!!!


  2. the photos and your words capture the beautiful verdant forrest. I love this kind of walk – the kind where one minute you are deep in shade and the next in an opening with sun streaming down. Definitely magical!


  3. I’m looking forward to venturing out to the national forested here in Sicily! Hopefully I can capture as many great photos as you have! Thanks for following… I’ll have a little bit of everything…:)


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